Wish list

Wish list

Mogly Care Wish List

So many thanks to those of you who wish to donate to Mogly Care. If you are looking to donate, please know that we can use any of the items listed below but we also can always use cat and dog food, even if it isn’t the brand we feed the dogs and cats here at Mogly Care.

  • Linens: Sheets,Towels,Blankets,Comforters,Bedspreads,Dog & Cat beds

  • Toys: Dogs – Nyla Bones, Kong Balls, Kongs, Rope Throws, Frisbees

  • Dog Treats: Milk Bones/Biscuits (various sizes)

  • Cat Treats: Soft Crunchy Friskies,Whisker Lickins,Temptations,Meaty Morsels, etc.

  • Dog Food: Wet and Dry Food

  • Cat Food: Wet and Dry Food

We run low on cat and dog food frequently in our food bank which means the strays don’t receive as much food from those people who care for them. We are always in need of never used, soft squeaky dog toys, sterilized bones, treats and bedding for the dogs and cats. The more people who know about us, the more animals lives we can save.

If you are interested in donating any of these items, please drop them by to Mogly Care or give us a call at (020)1004737989

As the programs are rolled out, ever-increasing demands are placed on our limited financial resources. Mogly Care volunteers are entirely self-funded and we are largely dependent on donations to allow us to continue to deliver vital veterinary health services – saving animals in need. While they are waiting for their new families to find them, there are a few items which they could really use, and so could we.

Food is a basic necessity for astray animals. To save on costs, often the cheapest food is brought for the animals. Unfortunately cheaper foods tend to have limited nutritional value, are full of fillers and contain food that dogs and cats shouldn’t eat. Good food is essential to helping street animals keep healthy.  Healthy animals can cope better within the environment and cope with street-related stresses.

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